Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We Have Contact

Jonathan and I have made contact with our first location. We wanted to first contact the Rutba House since they are our turn-around point and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove is one of the leading voices in New Monasticism. I emailed them and Leah Wilson-Hartgrove got back with me to let me know that the inn is full but could possibly make some room for us in the manger (ok so it's in the dining room not the manger).

She also let us know that JWH will be getting in on Sunday evening so he will not be preaching Sunday mornings as we had hoped. He also usually takes is first day back to catch up with the kids and with house matters (as he should) and so our interactions with him and time to interview him will be limited. Throw in the fact the are helping a resident of Rutba with a wedding the following week and you get a house that as Leah says "may not be at their best 'hosting' capacity". She still, however, was willing to bring it up at their next house meeting next Monday and hopefully will be willing to let us stay and document a little of what they do there. If we are able to stay even in the midst of the craziness I think it will be a true reflection of their hospitality.

I will be contacting the other organizations we hope to visit today and will be sure to keep people updated. We will be meeting Thursday with a film maker who he himself will not be able to join us but is willing to give his advice and pass along the info to other film makers who may be interested.

I have already received great support by many people who have been giving us contacts. Keep the contacts and the prayers coming. We have faith that this will be a wonderful experience and it is slowly but surely falling into place.



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