Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Who Are Many Are One Body

Sorry for the long drought of posts but the next place that we have already confirmed with is Area 15 in Charlotte. I spoke shortly with someone from Area 15 but was not able to talk in detail with them about their community so this information is simply what I have gathered from their website.

Area 15 is a community of non-profits, small businesses and individuals who began forming around 2002. The diversity ranges from local artists (in the form of jewelers, painters, sculptors, tatoo artists, photographers, musicians etc) to bike re-cyclists to real estate agents and everything in between. They have various means of bringing all of these people into intentional community be it through their shared space in their 23,000 sq. ft. warehouse, community garden, 24hr prayer room, or local coffee shop.

This organization recognizes that each person plays a different role in society and each is vital in their own way. They do not try to influence the organizations or businesses to change but instead welcome them to enter into their community and learn from each other. You never know what input a sculptor might have on a bicycle re-cyclist, or a tattoo artist on a real estate agent, or a painter on a coffee shop. This organization seems to be a incubator of all things holy and they find ways to take what seems to others to simply be an occupation and they turn it into a vocation for building the kingdom.

I look forward to visiting this community. In reading about them and seeing the pictures it seems that the Spirit works in and through them in a unique and interesting way.



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